What are the Benefits of a Spa?

  • Recovered quickly from injuries
  • Able to find relief from stress
  • Able to sleep better at night
  • Able to relieve arthritic pain
  • Spent quality time with friends and family
  • Able to retreat to one’s own home or backyard, instead of travelling to a holiday destination
  • Able to lower blood sugar levels.

What should I consider before buying a spa?

Budget is a good place to start.

The following items need to be considered in your budget.

  • Type and size of Spa
  • Delivery method eg. Trailer and dolly or Crane truck
  • Installation
  • Permits
  • Pool Fencing
  • Landscaping

What’s involved in installing a portable spa?

  • Support Base, preferably a concrete slab
  • Electrician

Does the Portable Spa require a fence?

Pool & Spa barriers are required by legislation for any swimming or spa in excess of 300 mm in depth and must be maintained for the life of the pool or spa.

A safety barrier can be made of any material and must have an effective minimum height of 1.2m.

A lockable hardcover does not meet these legislation rules and therefore cannot be used as a legal barrier.

The main aim of a spa or pool barrier is to restrict access by unsupervised children, especially those less than 5 years of age, to ensure this there is an Australian Standard (A.S 1926.1-2012) which forms part of the legislation.


Boundary Fences – Existing boundary fences can be used as a barrier to a solid finished surface and have no climbable elements within 900mm measured from the top of the inside of the fence.

Gates – Gates must open outward (away from the pool or spa area) and must return to closed position and engage the latch automatically from any position. They cannot be re-opened without using the manual release mechanism.

Walls – External walls of a building such as a brick wall can be used as a pool and spa barriers as long as there are no door openings or windows.

Doors – Doors are prohibited from opening into a spa area.

Windows – Windows are only acceptable when they are totally closed (fixed) and only can be removed using a tool, or fixed to only open a maximum of 100mm.

Why should I buy an Australian Made Spa?

Spas come in a range of prices and configurations, however you should also consider the after sales service of your spa.  Being able to source the service and spare parts locally is an important consideration when choosing your spa.
SpasNow carry the Lanark brand of Australian made spas, as they realise the importance of having a local Spa Warranty.

What is a Warranty?

A product warranty is an agreement between you and the manufacturer on the performance and reliability of your spa.  Spas purchased from SpasNow are supported by the Australian Manufacturer’s Warranty

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is the use of water to revitalise, maintain, and restore health.
Many medical practioners and specialists today, will recommend hydrotherapy for all types of rehabilitation.

When used in conjunction with the jets and the warm water in a spa, the healing properties intensify and your spa becomes the perfect place to rejuvenate those overworked muscles or help relieve the pain associated with other ailments. Hydrotherapy is also perfect for relaxation,
and therefore your spa becomes the perfect tool to relieve stress.

Does my spa need to be hardwired to the house?

Yes, depending on the model of your portable spa, it may need to be hardwired to the house supply. Australian standard is that every spa must have its own designated electrical circuit. Therefore, the cost difference between a plug-in and a hardwired spa is minimal. If your spa is fitted with the Hybrid Gas Heat Cell, you will also need a gas fitter to run the gas to your Heat Cell.

Do you do pool permits?

We don’t personally do pool permits as it is not our expertise, but we have partnered with Australian Pool Permits to facilitate this. Visit www.auspoolpermits.com.au for more information.

Can you assist with putting our pool or spa in the ground?

This is something that you require specific expertise with and our partnership with Swimco Aquatics allows them to assist you with all of your in-ground needs – http://www.swimco.com.au