About Us

SpasNow is a family run small business supporting our Australian Made spa industry.

The SpasNow family is Peter and Jackie Mahoney who have been married for 17 years with 2 beautiful young children.

Peter’s 25 years’ experience in customer service is proven by his relationships he continues to grow with each of his customers.

With Jackie’s marketing, website and social media experience, she works hard to create a social environment that everyone can relate to. Jackie completely understands that spending valuable time with our loved ones is essential in our own health and well being in today’s fast paced society.

We are here to help and explain about any aspect of a spa, whether it be the running costs, your expectations, chemicals & maintenance, etc. We built this website for everyone to be able to find the chemicals & accessories they need at real prices. The chemicals we promote are non-chlorine chemicals which is very important to the feel and smell to most people today.

Both Peter and Jackie working together as a team gives them the strength of ensuring that all their customers are looked after in a professional and courteous manner. Their passion for their business stems from the belief in the spa experience, to enhance and improve the lives of their customers, and uphold their own family values.